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Wow Friday Night!!!


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Yeah, I started late, took a 3 hour nap. But I did get a 1.6 3 pooler to sf for 30 bucks. Not great, but better than zero. Now charging since there is still traffic and zero surge and the charger was free.


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I dropped off a check at 14th and mission for my other job and then was left with the dilemma: do I head towards embarcadero for surge with df on or head home now empty to play golf?

Glad that I chose to head home. As I arrived at the cpurse I masochistically checked the surge and it was meager/non existent. This was like 5:30.

Finished 18 about as late as you could given the light, including an 80 foot birdie putt on 11 at poplar creek.

After a decent streak in the morning for $77 in 1:45, and a few hours at the other gig, didn't have patience to deal with what should have been large surge.

Also nice numbers to the man above.

Not god... That dude up there with a killer Friday.


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Had a decent night last night. My second time driving at night in SF. Typically don’t drive Fridays either but desperate times. I’ve got to drive today and tomorrow because I need to complete my quest to make up for the 4 days of driving I lost thanks to Hertz.

Not even worried about making money I just want to get a bunch of the most express, smelliest poos I can find and bang them all out so I can spend time with my family.

As I’ve never driver Sat or Sun with Uber I have absolutely no idea whether to head out now or at night, or afternoon. Just want a bunch of rides, don’t care about surge and they’ve taken away my boost.

Then I’ll figure out what I’m going to do for next week.


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I am done for the week. $35/hr - easy money.
You're doing SELECT? After expenses, depreciation, etc. and your 7% SS tax you're at about $25.00/hr. not a lot to brag about if you ask me.

View attachment 243526 Uber is garbage without boost or surge. I decided to take whatever they send me, but this is so ridiculous. Gave up after 3 hours of bs. Just look at these numbers. Quest is 70/130 or 1.85 per ride. F uber.
That's LESS than minimum wage. Seriously.