Wow! Crazy cheap Pax


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So i get a 2.2x ping just before 9. Drive to pick the pax up and am left waiting close to 4 minutes. Start trip and bang she cancels the ride. (I'm not too familiar with the app but it assume this can't be accidental) Pax says she didn't realise she cancelled. Incoming request comes in and i accept after telling her she needs to call another driver. 1.3x call is from her!!! Lol GTFO of my car. Cancel. Sickening. Only positive was that it was raining as she waited for a new car.


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I've had pax pull similar b*s before... I had accepted a request at 2.0 surge from a Jennifer and it was only 3 mins away, just as I pulled up they canceled. Immediately got another request, 1 block over. It was only a 1.4 surge, different name(Jason). When I get there a girl walks up and says her brother requested the ride and he's coming right now. I see a guy come up and he calls her Jennifer and I hear him mention that the ride was less than when she requested it a couple mins ago. I asked if she had requested a ride and had it canceled, she was stupid enough to admit that she did. They were together, both checking the app and trying to get a cheaper ride. I canceled the ride before ever starting it AND she got charged for the cancelation on the first request... Cheap a**
Best part was... it was by Wrigley Field and the game was getting out so the surge went back up..


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You have to expect that riders are going to try to reduce their spend on rides, and if they use us a lot, they'll learn the ropes. I don't think they're trying to hurt drivers. I do think they're trying to get a ride for the best price.