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Wow, 6 hours on Friday


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Evening and only made $35. This is getting worse and worse. Every time I look around there are 10 cars near me. Is it slow or just too many cars on the road?


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X or Lux? they're like Apples and Oranges. Funny stuff been happening on Lux where I look. There's a Suburban with NY plates that parks in the same place for hours on end. It should be busy there but it's dead. Doesn't matter; he'll be there.

Today I parked near 2 hotels. I've noticed in the past how many Lux drivers pull into the best one (which doesn't have much room and is valet parking only) to have a look, then slowly move on. Today 2 in a row came over the bridge and pulled in there. I was curious so I followed. As I came in one pulled out along with a lady in the front seat. He was showing on the Rider App so he may have been showing off to a friend? What do you tell the customer when you get one? Trainee? Do you tell them their trip will be uninsured?

The other black SUV had an "ACE Limo" sticker on the window. He was parked in one of the few spaces available for Ubers waiting for a passenger, by the curb and not blocking the flow (yet.... it was early). I asked the valet if he was working for them? Valet said no, he told them he had just dropped off a pax (well didn't they remember, he just pulled in)? If he's got a pax from Ace, why was his Uber App on all the way over the bridge?

I returned to my legal spot a block away and he didn't move for 5 minutes so I went back and asked the valet where I could park since they seemed to allow Uber drivers to wait for jobs to come their way while on the property. The valet said they would kick him out which they did. He headed North, while I parked from 5 to 7:30 pm before giving up.
Tough to shut me out though. On the way home I got a 3some a block away from me, and they were going 1/2 mile. I don't mind that. The whole thing took 5 minutes. Cha-Ching.


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