Would you pick up a creepy clown?


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If you get a request and show up but only see a creepy clown would you let them into your car?

There was a creepy clown scare this time last year from coast to coast. I personally would not feel comfortable picking up someone in a creepy clown costume.
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The Washington DC area should be a real big hit with creepy clowns as the Juggalos are protesting on the National Mall. The Juggalos are followers of the band Insane Clown Posse and the FBI has classified the Juggalos as a gang.


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I've picked up three clowns in the last year. But then I've also picked up dozens of strippers (male and female) dressed for work, acrobats and trapeze artists, shirtless guys dressed up like unicorns, three shirtless women only two of whom had body paint on, male and female Little Bo Peeps, lots of people dressed up like animals (usually cats and horses), about a dozen brides and grooms, white Millennials pretending to be Japanese kids doing cosplay, LARPers in full battle gear, a Smurfette who had to put her head in my trunk because it wouldn't fit through the door, and more Elvises than I can remember.

Welcome to driving Uber in Las Vegas.


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I'd pick up a clown.

To refuse would be discrimination. I believe there was a thread on the forum not that long ago where a Lyft driver got deactivated for failure to pickup a clown.