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Would You Permit Late Night Pax Smoke Weed (it’s legal here) night During the Ride for $100 cash??

Discussion in 'Advice' started by warrior lady, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Yes

    32 vote(s)
  2. No

    34 vote(s)
  3. Maybe.. depending on circumstances & if done driving for the night.

    18 vote(s)
  1. warrior lady

    warrior lady

    I permitted it on this short ride ( 7 minutes) after late night bar pickup.. I couldn’t believe this young girl ( probably in her early 20’s) Actually had $100 bill on her and was willing to throw it away basically for a little pleasure for her and 2 friends on a 7 minute ride... She must have daddy’s $ and money to burn.

    I knew I would be done for the night after this ride since van needs to air out.
  2. oldfart


    Fort Myers
    Edibles only. And I want some to take home
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  3. thatridesharegirl

    thatridesharegirl Moderator

    SF Bay
    In any case, cash up front. Know how to check a bill.
    (Better yet carry one of those $3 cashier pens that turn color on real vs. fake bills in your glovebox.)

    Though its recreationally legal here, $100 is not worth a $10,000 DUI.
    SWIM would need to have plausible deniability.
    AKA, no hotboxing and no passing the green to the front seat.

    If these folks were already drunk, I'd be less likely to permit it due to risk of burning my seats.
    Also what is the smoking apparatus? Joint, bong, or pipe?
    Vape? Go ahead.
    I'm not keen on having my seats saturated with bong water.
    I'd be more okay with a pipe than a joint because of the ash factor.
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  4. warrior lady

    warrior lady

    Joint... I don’t think I would let them do a bong.
  5. UberBastid


    I would allow it for a lot less, especially if they shared.
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  6. Brian-drives


    Pompano beach fl
    Yes ! But must be cash upfront.
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  7. UberBastid


    Pot heads don't barf in your back seat.
    Pot heads don't get violent, demanding or mouthy.
    Pot heads don't try to jack you, or steal from you.

    They just wanna go thru the McD's drive thru and get some munchies.

    All in all, I'll drive a pot head around with a lot less angst than a fuggin drunk.
  8. Ask what a cop might say about that.
  9. UberBastid


    I don't care what a cop says about that.
    BTW: My stepson is a cop in the San Francisco Bay Area and he tells me that he has never, ever seen any serious "incidents" that involve MJ consumption. Oh, there's theft and gang turf wars but, that's because the government has made it illegal (recently changed). For the last five years he doesn't give a **** if someone has ten pounds in the trunk, and would let them go on their way. Now, if they're so hammered that they can't drive ... whole nuther problem. Though, he has also said that someone who is smoking is able to control a car very well.
    Nobody has ever died of a overdose of MJ.
    Nobody high on MJ has ever beaten a spouse, road raged in a car, or raped anyone.

    I go by the World Health Organization, and research done by the Israeli Scientists on Cannabis. Google it. There is some great stuff going on with this amazing plant.
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  10. Macaque


    New Jersey
    Only if those $100 could buy me a bj from one of them...
  11. steveK2016


    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    As a Libertarian who is down with the green, I don't allow smoking or eating in my car: period.
  12. Why give the cops an easy reason to slap you with a DUI? Is $100 worth being kicked off all of the driving platforms? When your background check has those three little letters you are finished.
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  13. I don't allow smoking in my car, ever. But $100 is $100. I carry Ozium in the glove box, very effective at removing odors so I would have done it if I got the tip first.
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  14. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
    Ozium struggles hard w/ weed smoke.
    Only way it gets out 100% is if the car is aired out overnight.
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  15. Oscar Levant

    Oscar Levant

    No, because it's not legal to smoke weed in a car, at least it's not in California, though recreational is legal in then home. And, getting a citation is not worth it. Even after the ride is over, and you air out your car, K-9 patrol dogs will be able to smell it, and when they do, the cops have probable cause to rip your car up searching for drugs (though pot is legal, more than an ounce is not so they still will shred your car just because they can). No, I'll pass on that C-note. But, if they had offered me $10k, no problem, fire that puppy up! Oh, as to what a cop will actually do to you, I don't know, but I'm not risking getting kicked off the platform for $100.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
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  16. UberBastid


    If you give me $50 right now - I will give up my spot on "the platform".
    I'll throw in 3000+ rides, 4.89 rating, and at least two of every badge except 'rad music' or whatever the hell the music one is.

    Any way ... make it $40
  17. Don't be stupid.
  18. UberBastid


    Yea, yer right.
    I'm gunna stick to $50
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  19. No way in hell.

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