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Would you give $5 a month for the next 6 months for an advocate?

Discussion in 'Advocacy' started by agtg, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. No

    20 vote(s)
  2. Yes

    31 vote(s)
  3. Yes, but I would be willing to offer $____ up front (please post and share how much).

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  1. agtg

    agtg Well-Known Member

    Your attitude belies your moniker.
  2. thelittleguyhelper

    thelittleguyhelper Active Member

    My attitude bespeaks bogglemindedness at how people say a thing about people whose facts & circumstances contradict that very statement.

    Orwell called it "doublethink."

    And the object matters more than presentation. Those who think tone is all that counts tend to spite themselves--and those who listen to them.
  3. JaySonic

    JaySonic Well-Known Member

    are we funding this guy's Youtube channel? Mate get some high value content up, start list building and join the Patreon program instead of begging folks for cash.
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  4. agtg

    agtg Well-Known Member

    You sound like an Uber shill trying to dissuade someone from organizing effective opposition.

    The real power in funding will come through many people willing to give a little each, and Uber knows this.
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  5. GO, GO, GO FOR IT Agtg!

    Forget ALL these Nay Sayers/Poseurs here that are all over these Forums. They are mostly FullTime Paid Uber Management Poseuers anyway. If they are true Uber drivers, they will see that the benefit to all Uber Drivers of your proposal, far outweighs all the negative as well as the cost of just $30 spread out in 6 months. That's just one half tank fill up for my car and these Poseurs are already crowing about it. That only means YOU HAVE AN AWESOME IDEA!!! & YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK DUDE. So, let's do it!

    At least now we clearly know who these Poseurs are & their ever changing handles here. We know clearly their objectives, they're just going to always keep us UBERITES, perpetually confused self doubters, TO KEEP US FOREVER DIVIDED. Any topic with a UNITE UBERITES theme will bring these paid Creepy Crawlers out of their well furnished dark places. BESIDES, REAL DRIVERS ARE OUT ON THE STREETS, SLUGGING EACH OTHER FOR RIDES, RISKING LIFE & LIMB for DEVIOUS SCAMMING UBER. They don't have time to always participate in bullying in this Forum.

    THE DEVIL UBER knows:

    "...United we will be a force to reckon with, but Divided we'll always be SLAVES OF QUAKING GOLDEN GEESE for Uber & these high paid fools."

    Forget these NAY Sayers and their negative comments. Just start the Advocacy with something like a well produced 1st video & the money will come. You'll be surprised...

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2016
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  6. thelittleguyhelper

    thelittleguyhelper Active Member

    Not really. Uber knows better. You can too:

    Uber is in a mode of operation being propelled by power laws.

    A bunch of little donations to someone with no qualifications in how to effectively organize, run a union, or aid people in labor matters, cannot come to a millionth of the effects. And just getting politicians involved also doesn't help: empirically they tend to make matters worse while getting praise for being heroes.

    To put it simply, a power law is like a nuclear bomb compared to hand-held popper-fireworks you hand to little children. Actually, it's far, far beyond the nuclear bomb.

    If you want to talk about fighting Uber, it has to be tangential.

    But fighting "Uber" is probably an entirely wrong approach. Uber is acting in certain ways because of horrific conditions and incentives and threats (which are there more because people want a cut and *pretending* to care about drivers than any enmity by Uber toward drivers).

    I know this: Uber wasn't exactly like this to begin, then the politicking began.

    I'd give you the juicy details of some of those political acts (beyond those I have been able to say here) **but**, technically, Uber has my time at Uber NDA'd: unfortunately, standard practices like that to protect corporations can also back-fire and mean people can't speak-out in their favor (best case) based on what the saw either. (Or else, if not in favor, then for all-around understanding.)

    Investors and companies consider things most people will never even imagine. Then they encounter realities that most people who don't need to found a company or run a serious company which isn't simplistic in its model would never imagine: the dirty stuff is purposefully made unavoidable because mobsters and racketeers really do fill the ranks of government, run many of the so-called charitable/do-good institutions, and have the biggest smiles and friendliest "we care" reputations anywhere, everywhere around the world.

    Here is how you compete with Uber: sign-up to the **other** rideshare/courier/transport type jobs. Split your time to other services and activities. Get another job--make Uber part time.

    And encourage everyone else you can find to do the same. If you know someone's reliable and struggling, share a couch or a bedroom--the less people need to spend to live, the less they need to work in ****ty jobs. Just require them to begin improving themselves dedicatedly, seriously, so they can get something better: ask them to remember and help give you a leg-up soon after.

    This is tough, I know: I've got a mental-case former-6-year-homeless sleeping on my couch right now.
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  7. OC Lady Uber Driver

    OC Lady Uber Driver Well-Known Member

    There once was an association called CADA that claimed to be a driver advocate under the wing of the teamsters union.

    Where did these concerned people and the membership money go? No one knows.
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  8. thelittleguyhelper

    thelittleguyhelper Active Member


    The most remarkable thing about modern unions is their total disavowal of the primary principles of unionism.

    Hence the pattern: new head, mostly-involuntary members (illegal under the reconstruction amendments but screw that!), money largely donated to a certain party/cartel, head of union skips-off to bahamas (or another territory with non-extradition treaties) with 10s of millions of embezzled funds, partisans who received those "donations" takes no effective action legally to pressure/force return/extricate the criminal for embezzlement, only token acts, rinse and repeat.

    The proof is in the pudding, when you give people the free choice: when WI eliminated the ability to subjugate employees into involuntary servitude to unions, most public-sector workers who were apart from them (besides administrators) hastily fled membership. Then they called this "union busting" in media rhetoric (it was not: busting is forcible dismemberment: they just gave people their natural rights back, ones Constitutionally guaranteed).

    The old unions? They were (a) voluntary and (b) did not include anyone uninvited (they were paying attention to econ. 101 facts about negotiation, and made sure not to invite those who couldn't truly be helped/negotiated for by union leaders because the economics would not allow it). i.e. they were upright, honest, and serious: and forced membership to be (or get out): no "but this doesn't feel good" thinking. Hard-nosed...to make sure all were either served right, or dealt with honestly, "we can't help you in that situation so we won't take your money."
  9. ChortlingCrison

    ChortlingCrison Well-Known Member

    I would give about 10cents.
  10. Gung-Ho

    Gung-Ho Well-Known Member

    East of Omaha
    Why so much as long as pennies are still in circulation?

    I pledge 1 penny but only for the first month then I'll reassess from there.
  11. ahsokas_revenge

    ahsokas_revenge New Member

    Short answer is yes.

    Unlike the dedicated anti-labor trolls that hang out in this forum, I'd prefer to pay that money in union dues. No need to re-invent the wheel; it'd be easier to join an established union (and become active within it if we're unsatisfied with our representation) than try to build a new association from scratch.
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  12. SpiritualGangster

    SpiritualGangster New Member

    New York City
    Yeah, if you put your money where your mouth is and make moves, I'm down.
  13. sssteven

    sssteven Active Member


    how much would you need in total for this?
  14. agtg

    agtg Well-Known Member

    It depends. I was thinking of doing a general video that would appeal to a mass audience about working conditions and issues related to driving, but then I was also thinking about some short vignettes which were funny that address PAX etiquette to help shift the way riders view rideshare.

    As it is, Uber has done a diabolically brilliant job confusing and deceiving the public. I'm still getting people in my car that think Uber is paying for the car and stuff. It's ridiculous.

    Well done videography could probably be done for about $5,000. The time invested into coordinating all that? I don't know. At least another $5,000.

    The thing is, when it comes to viral marketing, you can put as much money as you want and target specific demographics and regions via facebook, youtube, and google. The more money you put into that, the higher profile it would be. At the very least, I would put another $5,000+ to get it going.

    $15,000 would be an absolute shoe-string, but it would get it off the ground.
  15. sssteven

    sssteven Active Member


    give me full breakdown of exactly each item cost you asking for quite alot.
    when you say get it off the ground what you mean exactly? 15k not enough?
  16. agtg

    agtg Well-Known Member

    $15,000 is not a lot to create professional media. $5,000 would be to pay me to work it full time for 2 months. That turns out to be $2,500 per month, or $625 per week before taxes. That's approximately $15 per hour. This would cover the costs of officially creating a nonprofit organization, too.

    Creating a website would cost around $500 to start. That would include a logo, the purchase of a domain, and other essentials costs for site creation and maintenance. Hiring a videographer with real skills would cost at least $2500 if your hoping to get a decent finished piece of 5 minute media to distribute. You would have to figure on paying the local Uber drivers for their time for participating as well as the college drama types to act for vignettes. You may need a voiceover guy for the video, too. $5,000 for this is absolutely shoe-string. You could easily spend double to get this done.

    Once the media is complete the marketing of the media, at a bare minimum, would require at least $5,000 to start the ball rolling. Facebook and youtube are excellent ways to get stuff spread around, but it costs. Once everything else is established, any funds raised further would be used to market the media for the next year or so. At that point, objectives would be reevaluated and a new charter would be conceived to continue advocacy.

    This would be a national campaign to address general issues related to worker rights for rideshare, but would have the added goal of rallying local markets to advocate for themselves in each city/state by giving them a portal on the website to directly contact their local and state legislators regarding their concerns. This would require people to speak at city counsel meetings or state legislature sessions. Local advocates would not have to do all the legwork, but could take relevant data and talking points provided by our advocacy group to directly speak to the conditions and concerns related to rideshare.

    A local advocacy plan could easily be conveyed and implemented in different markets so drivers can effectively rally themselves through a handful of activist drivers to petition city and state authorities to help bring some regulation to their markets.

    One of the reasons Uber has been so successful is because they've had a divide and conquer approach by starting up in various markets and seeing how much they can get away with. Mostly, I think we've seen they've been able to operate without restraint, but there have been pockets here and there were municipalities put their foot down for the benefit of the workers and their local economies.

    Long term, I could see the website as a distribution point for relevant information for drivers with a blog section that could email out a weekly e-newsletter with stories related to rideshare.

    The organization would also be a voice for drivers for any media outlets looking to get a driver's perspective that's accurate and loyal to drivers.

    Now, the only question I have for you is are you serious about driver advocacy, or are you just an Uber shill sussing out how well-thought out my plan is?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2016
  17. sssteven

    sssteven Active Member

    I would not be asking if i was not serious. Did you start a fund page for this yet how far you got since you first posted?
    Do you have any kickstarter account or something. How much have you gotten if anything?
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  18. agtg

    agtg Well-Known Member

    Ok, I've got some stuff underway. I will update this thread as things develop.
  19. sssteven

    sssteven Active Member

    Please answer my questions I can not fund you unless I get the facts needed.
  20. Blackout 702

    Blackout 702 Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas
    Nope. But good luck with that.
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