Would You Drive for Uber or Lyft?--IF [by magic] Rate Cards Were SAME!


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You log into both apps after last night's weird lightning storm to discover that due to glitch in apps, Uber & Lyft Driver Rate Cards are the SAME! You are able to confirm you've entered a temporal rift in Time/Space continuum because you are actually able to speak with customer service Rep for both companies within 30-seconds and they confirm its your lucky week!

In this Bizzaro Gig-work World here's the rates for BOTH Rideshare companies until new software version rolls out:
$3.75 min. fare;
$3.75 Shuffle pay.

2 Questions:
1. Who would you choose, Uber or Lyft? Why?
2. Are your rate cards More or Less than this scenario? Where is your territory? (OP=Phoenix,AZ: Uber: $0.60/mile; $0.10/min.; Lyft: $0.35/mile; WhatTheF*!%Ever..)

If Lyft ever cut their Operational costs & used that money to raise Driver pay to match their rival, would the "Where Are YOU!?? text message from Uber Pax still make sound?
Talk about a Lyft inspired Uber-exodus...


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If rates same doesn't matter to me.

If promo, bonus, surge..... I take whoever has the biggest carrot at any given time....

Jon Stoppable

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Impossible to answer because the Uber surge causes more drivers to pick Uber, whether rational or not. Even for $1 surge they will wait at the airport queue when the Lyft queue is empty. It's a similar deal out on the streets, Uber can surge a minimal amount but Lyft will have stacking pings. If rates were equal, *eventually* driver behavior would change, but I've noticed the RS supply/demand curves are rather sticky.

Based on the app alone, I prefer Lyft.


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In my market the rate card is the same, but Uber has surges, has long pickup fee, gives estimate for direction on trips, tells you the amount the pax pays, is less likely to arbitrarily deny a cancellation fee or an entire fare, and provides UberPro benefits like tuition and gas card. Uber deductible is $1000, Lyft Deductible is $2500.

Lyft gives $5 instead of $3.75 for a cancel, but they deny the cancel fee quite often so it's a wash.

Lyft is only good for really close ETA rides. Lyft rides 7 minutes and closer, during slow times on Uber, is the only thing Lyft is good for, even though in my market they pay the same per minute and per mile as Uber.


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In Salt Lake City the rate cards are the same for both, however, Uber has surge and Lyft doesn’t


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Based on clientele alone, I’d go with Lyft. 90% of my problem pax come from Uber. The pukers, the violent ones and the extra stop ones. Lyft has extra stops too, but for whatever reason Uber is far more common.

And Uber always has more riders per ride on average. Lyft is far more single riders. At least in my market.