Would you be willing to Cruise in SF with no driver??!!


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Lol asking this on Drivers forum is kinda biased to say the least.....


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Isn’t the term “cruising” slang for looking to hookup with gay guys? Al Pachino made a movie about it in the 80’s.


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Driverless cars in a city, what could go wrong?

If they had driverless cars in the neighborhood I grew up in in "Da Bronx" they would have been very popular! Especially amongst:
  • Prostitutes. Perfect way to give a quickie on a short ride. Cheaper and safer then a dive motel.
  • Dealers. Cheap easy way to complete a transaction out of sight on a couple block ride.
  • Drug mules. Speaks for itself.
  • Hit men. Driverless cars are perfect for disposing of the body. Prop it up in the back seat and send it on its way.
"Don't be silly they'll have cameras in them"! Oh, ok, easy problem to fix! :roflmao: