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Would you be surprised if it isn't a ride-share driver?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by chitownXdriver, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. chitownXdriver


  2. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Moderator

    That's awesome, Chit!
  3. I’m too lazy, maybe a 1000 miles in 5 years lol
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  4. That's a nice story - I have always felt that the car company should give you a free car at 1,000,000 miles. You hear rare stories like this and goes to show you that you're dedicated to that car and kept up the maintenance.

    She might also Uber. But I am confused as to why she has a brush guard on the front of her car. What is she possibly hitting in that little thing that she won't bounce off of herself? Or who is she mowing down in crosswalks!
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  5. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Moderator

    LoL, snicker.

    Now the song "Pysco killer" is going threw my head Bob.
  6. I think she is. The author alluded to that possibly, making me think that the driver confided that fact but didn't want to draw any unnecessary attention from insurance, with whom she's lying to. JMO
  7. MikeNY


    im lost
    Damn, back in 2003 my Hyundai XL350 dropped dead at 80,000 miles on a dark highway I got nada for that achievement :D
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  8. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    550 miles a day everyday of the year? That's a lot of drug hauling.
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  9. MikeNY


    im lost
    She drove for a car parts company
  10. New2This


    DC Area
    I'd keep the new car in the driveway and keep racking up the miles on the old one.
  11. I'm not surprised that it isn't an uber/lyft driver or a taxi,

    While taxis rack up tons of miles a year they include a large number of hard city miles in most cases,

    Her job is probably *no idea, no actual inside info* probably sounds like she is putting in tons of highway miles, which are far less hard on cars than taxi miles are.

    Let's say she is averaging 800 miles 5 days a week 50 weeks a year. (assuming weekends and 2 vacation weeks)

    Even if she is working 12 hour days at the SHORTEST, her SLOWEST average speed to be driving is 66 miles per hour.

    If she was working 7 days a week 13 hours/day with no vacation days...

    She is STILL at 42 MPH average throughout the course of a day.

    That's about twice the average speed i pull in a taxi, which means she has to be driving substantial numbers of highway miles.

    Short trips/redlights/stop and go/ parking lot time is incredibly hard on a car.

    Most people either do 1-2 a day, with maybe a 30 mile round trip to work.

    Not 30+ trips that are between 1-5 miles in length with mostly city miles.

    (15 fares and driving to the pickup and driving to the destination, plus destination to a waiting point)

    She is doing 550-800 miles PER DAY which over the course of a day has to be highway miles.
  12. xgamrgeekx


    Ima hit up Kia when my car turns 1 mil miles :p
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  13. What if she used it to deliver parts during the day then her hubby or someone in her family drove it for uber/lyft at night and weekends? That would make more sense.
  14. And they’ll give you a Walmart bicycle lol.
  15. this is a GREAT story, i like these type of stories once in a while

    she's probably in a area of Kansas where going around the corner is probably 75 miles away,jmo

    brush guard? in case of animals,protects the FE some what,jmo
  16. 1974toyota1974toyota yeah they're called brush guards. I mean, I get it, it protects you from people bumping into you and what not. But at a high rate of speed anything she's hitting with that thing that would damage the front end would have to be small enough to go under her car.
  17. well, its like bullet proof vests. they're good for regular bullets, but they may have trouble stopping a Bazooka,JMO
  18. mbd


    It is most likely 99% hwy miles, 100 to 200 miles trip one way, possibly courier
    No way U/l vehicle.

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