Would you allow these 2 in your vehicle, how would u handle this?

Steven Ambrose

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They paid for the trip, they ride. However I can not help them get in or out of the vehicle.
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I drove by a ride request with 4 hefty sized people. U can call it whatever but my safety comes first. Car has max weight capacity. Go way over this number and ur car performance diminishes to dangerous levels. Hefty people don’t realize this.
Maybe they should have ordered an XL. 😁😁😁😁😁😁


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I have transported people his size. My car sank super low. Also big people like that will sometimes damage your interior by leaning on things. A big woman, probably at least his size broke my center console by leaning her weight onto it.

Car has max weight capacity but I have exceeded it with my jumbo passengers and car seems to work just fine still.