Worst Uber Rider


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Omg if it wouldn't have been a liability nightmare I woulda kicked her ass out on the freeway or gotten out with my keys in my hand so she couldn't drive off and called the cops. But the driver did a great job with professionalism.


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And this is why uber needs to stop cutting our pay. Also, if I tell you that I'm gonna call the cops and you say go ahead then damn it I will do it. Too many of these videos show drivers threatening to call 911 but the riders call their bluff, I would simply do it.


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This is the stuff of nightmares driving late at night. I better make my quota earlier this week, so I won't have to do that this weekend. I have driven drunks, high end call girls, and at least one drug dealing pimp that I dumped at a motel on Valencia and Market. I wasn't driving Uber at the time. The high end call girls were actually nice and good tippers.


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Nothing this bad happened to me yet.
This is partly why i only stick around sf at night so i can pull over right away and drop them instead of looking for exits.
Everything outside the city is a no go. Pretty much because of people like that.