Working the hood

The ghetto pay good . When I accept a ride there I be like omg then when I'm finished with the trip I realize they act and have alot more respect than people in the gold coast. I'm working the south and west sides for now on I did 35 trips today from 7 am till 630 PM 350 plus dollars. And no slammed doors, quest made... all the ants smother the Northside for crumbs while. Scared money make no money uber on race baiters and stay broke.

Pax Collector

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It all depends on the driver. Some are better suited to work the hood, others like me avoid it for personal reasons. This game is all about finding your honey pot and making money while it lasts.


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Key idea here is 7am to 6:30pm.

Late night in the hood is entirely a different animal.
Kevlar may be required, Holliday’s always brings out the best in some neighborhoods, our numbers are down a bit this year over all.. we can’t have that and keep the reputation that Chicago has in the rest of the nation after all..

And if you can’t handle sarcasm there are safe spaces available.