Wondering if anyone has any good pointers fir Biloxi Gpt


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I work primarily driving Fri pm thru Sunday am and just turn on apps during week when at home in The Pass and when out and about as desired .Been using Sherpashare which track mileage and heat map , hotspots . Seems to work pretty well . Average weekly income 800 working 40-50 hours .
I find Airport waiting depressing , living in that parking lot for 2-3,hours at a time for a possible 30 dollar ride is not my idea of fun . I reccomend staying away from the airports and anywhere the drivers crowds . I only wait airport when i see a lull in the queue at volume times which is rare . Better off dollars per hour working that area away from airport using Sherpashare . It gives hotspots and heatmap of where passengers and drivers are up to the minute . Best opportunities during the week days is 6-9am 11-2pm and 5pm-11pm .
Weekends i work 5pm to 9am each day .I wait for a ping from my home in Pass and see where it takes me , do not drive around , find a hotspot and wait . focus away from Casinos from 5-10pm catching longer rides on Riders coming in . Then work the Strip for your short runs Edgwater to Ocean springs 10pm - 1am .
Looking fir returning riders going home 1am -3am Ocean Springs Boots and Spurs is a nice Hot spot . 3am -7am Beau Rivage parking lot picking up easy Airport runs .

If you have any stratergies please share .
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I am admin on 2 of the local facebook goups, find me on facebook messenger
and contact me name is Wade Seal