Women filmed performing sex acts in broad daylight - Who was the lucky driver?

Who is John Galt?

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Women filmed performing sex acts in broad daylight - Über to the rescue*

Rhian Deutrom, news.com.au
April 14, 2019 11:55am

A group of women, who allegedly engaged in public sex acts on the streets of an affluent Brisbane dining precinct last month, will not be charged by police.

The three women, aged in their 20s, had enjoyed a boozy Sunday lunch together on James Street near the city’s party quarter known as Fortitude Valley in early March. At about 3pm, the trio stumbled out of the up-market Hellenika restaurant.

According to The Sunday-Mail, the women had also skipped out on their $600 bill at the restaurant, which an unidentified man later came in to settle.

Moments later, passers-by were treated to an unorthodox sex show in the middle of the street.


The graphic footage has been shared across the country. Picture: The Courier-Mail

Two of the women, wearing short summer dresses and high heels, could be seen tangled up in each others’ arms and pressed up against the wall of a trendy kerbside store.

As the third woman sat patiently on her own, the pair collapsed against the wall for several minutes, struggling to prop themselves up as they kissed one another passionately.

They then fell to the ground, where their romp turned extremely graphic.

Here, the steamy street scene quickly descended into something people have described as “vulgar” and “obscene”, with the women performing sex acts upon each other in broad daylight.


An older couple walk by as the women fall all over each other.

In uncensored footage of the pair currently circulating on social media, people walk in and out of the camera’s frame, sometimes walking straight in front of the scene.

But the preoccupied girls appear oblivious to the comings and goings of the community, and continue with their session on the concrete footpath.

At one point, the two women were seen sitting astride a bike rack, which was installed on the footpath.

Here they allegedly appeared to be rubbing themselves on the metal installation which would have undoubtedly drawn some concern from people on the street.


The CCTV footage shows two of the women straddling a bike rack in the street.

The entire encounter is understood to have lasted roughly 10 minutes before police arrived to break up the ménage à trois.

A spokesman for Queensland Police told news.com.au arrived on scene where the women appeared to be extremely intoxicated.

? ??? The officers took down their information, put them in an Uber, and sent them home to sleep it off.????


The police arrived 10 minutes after the sex romp began.


The girls were so intoxicated, one of them could barely stand up.

The officers’ refusal to charge the women with anything has drawn anger from the public, with hundreds of people arguing the women should have been charged with public indecency at least.

Dozens of people took to social media to share that they had personally witnessed the scene.

One woman revealed her mother had walked passed the scene and claimed the whole thing was “whack”.

Another person said the “disgusting” situation should have been dealt with appropriately by authorities.

“Instead of thinking of their gender and not charging them, think of them as adults who were doing the wrong thing in public and charge them,” one person wrote.


People walking down the up-market dining precinct of James Street were shocked by the scene.

Under Queensland law, the women could have been charged with public indecency, but a possible conviction would be hard to prove in a court of law.

This is because there was not genitalia on display, so a defence solicitor could easily argue the women were “simply dancing” or having a nap together in the street.

Due to this, it is unlikely that a prosecution case would stand up in court.

But according to one source, it’s very clear that the unidentified women have already been “convicted in the court of public opinion”.


WiJG comment:

Shocking, shocking, shocking! I wasn't the Über Driver summonsed to save these damsels in distress.

* 'Über to the rescue' in the heading is my addition.


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Mr Galt , I was in total disbelief , when I read Sunday's paper, of the above " love in" on the footpath , which looks to be outside the CRUE BAR , an open bar , onto James st.
Now not sure when that pic was taken ( one car )but Normaly bumper to bumper traffic , a street I try to avoid , with back streets, & laneways .
Now there is an upmarket David Jones 50 metres from this scene of debauchery , not to mention many upmarket restaurants ,
Now of course many will clog up my laneways , and back streets, to avoid having be witness, to the above , in case this type of behavior becomes a " fad" as it did in the 70's
This leaves no alternative now ,I will have to use James Street,
That poor poor fellow brother uber driver ,
I can only imagine how hard it would have been for him to drive , with 2 legs from the back seat aroud his neck:rolleyes:

Who is John Galt?

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I can only imagine how hard it would have been for him to drive , with 2 legs from the back seat around his neck

Yes, that was my immediate concern too!

BTW...I apologise for the quality of the photos contained in the news.com.au article above.

I'm truly shocked that Rupert would settle for such low quality pictures of such an historic event when he appears happy to spend sqillions every week on some footballers broken Achilles porkstring or whatever.

I have put the word out, and hopefully we can get some high definition shots worthy of the forum's black label section. Thanks for your patience.

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“Put them in an Uber” jezzz, thanks lol.

I had a police officer put a lady in my Uber once. Was driving past the Ekka and the officer seen my stickers and stopped me then put an intoxicated woman in my Uber, didn’t even have a ping. I drove round the corner and chucked her out....