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Woman says she felt extremely unsafe when Tesla gets low on electricity


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She said she also felt her complaint about what happened that night was not taken seriously. “They provide a service that is supposed to be safe, supposed to be convenient and it's supposed to be reliable and this situation was none of these things," she said.

Uh, Uber apologized and refunded 75% of her fare. Uber and Lyft are both guilty of not dealing with real threats appropriately. But this isn't one of them.....


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People who wear red hats now make some feel unsafe.
The " Red Hat Society" Says WATCH IT !
If you are a youngish male, meaning under 60, and picked up some of these sexy grandmas during their Red Hat Society conventions in Vegas, especially after some cocktails, you'd be nervous as well.
They can get very...um, handsy.
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At first she feared that her life was in danger but in the end all she wanted was the remaining $6.09 of her $27.75 fare refunded.
...and the attention.


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This highlights the problem of having a billion dollar tech company also be a transportation company. All of these passengers are only after one thing: free stuff.

Stop enabling these idiots to wreak havoc on the drivers and the entire system.

Who is John Galt?

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“I felt unsafe. I double checked that it was the right vehicle and the right driver. I didn't feel comfortable at all,” Nishimura said.
When they got to a charging station, she said she was still very worried about what was happening.
“I really didn't feel safe in the situation. I was messaging my dad and I was talking to my best friend at the time. I was updating them on my location," she said.

I would suggest that in these circumstances, this level of discomfort and insecurity is highly unusual, and is probably the result of post traumatic stress disorder and possibly flashbacks to a time when something else ran out of power at the absolute moment of her critical need.


Stevie The magic Unicorn

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The driver did operate his business in the correct way,

I'm going to extrapolate the equivalent situation with a gas driven car.

It's not appropriate to be taking fares on almost empty to the point you need to stop for gas.

The only time it's acceptable is if your taking the customer long distances and a half a tank of gas won't make it. And personally i don't think you should ever be letting your car go under half for this exact reason.

You folks who are defending the driver, there aren't power stations as often as there are gas stations,

And the driver stopped for 15 friggen minutes...


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Fuber makes her 30 minutes late to work and doesn't even have the decency to give a full refund.

OTOH, you have to be an idiot to rely on Fuber for anything important, especially if you're a lone female.
She's lucky she didn't get sexually assaulted by the driver.
If Uber's response is to believed he stopped for 3 minutes. Seems unlikely he went 27 minutes out of the way.

I bet she was already running late and wanted someone to blame.

Bob Reynolds

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Electric vehicles are a different type of vehicle to fuel. If you drive an electric vehicle, you want the battery pretty much exhausted before you recharge. You don't really want to constantly recharge when it is half or one quarter full. The life of the battery is determined by the a number of things including the number of times it is charged and discharged.

I did some testing with the all electric Nissan Leaf several years ago on the Uber platform. While the Leaf was perfect for short runs, it was problematic for the 35 mile ride when you had 30 miles of charge remaining.

There were several times that there just wasn't enough fuel to complete the trip and the car had to go to the charging station with passengers. At that time the Leaf had a maximum range of about 80 miles. Today they can go 250 miles.

There were some pre-printed notifications that I would hand to the passengers when this happened explaining that they were riding in the latest technology and that the car needed to go to the charging station for 20-30 minutes.

In addition the ride was then free for the passengers. While at the charging station, I had informational brochures about the Leaf for them to read. I never had any complaints and most passengers were interested in the vehicle.

Those notifications were furnished by Uber, but if I were driving an electric vehicle on the platform today, I would create a similar printed notification.

Also it might be possible for the app to be notified of the remaining range of the electric vehicle so that this problem can be minimized and a passenger would not be matched with a vehicle that did not have enough fuel onboard.