Wisconsin couple outraged over $900 Uber bill


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Doh! Don't you know...

That there is at least one Uber driver...

That is in Uber driver heaven tonight...

Can you say Ka-Ching!!!!

Nice job!


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This was a news story in Ohio this morning. Even had interview with mad wife about the bill when husband showed her next morning. She said all we did was make a couple stops on way home! That driver probably was like, hell yeah take your time! Lol! News anchor were even like, You don't do that when it's surging, you just go home! Lol


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The driver didn't tell them how much it would be, oh the humanity. That would be a nice gesture if, you know, we actually were the ones setting rates and such (ha ha).

I will confess that it's weird that it would jump from $200 to about $900. A few extra stops increased it 450%? Seems strange, but whatever.


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Had a 9X one time on XL..

When you counted all 12 miles...

Total came up to 342.00...

I was new so thought...

I had done something wrong...

Was SO HAPPY to find our...

That I got to keep most all of it..

Except Ubers percentage...