Wine Country Disaster


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Did anyone else fall for the supposed guarantee either of the past two Saturdays? I was up in Napa, where I normally drive, and there were just no rides. Finally I got frustrated and left early.

I am wondering if anyone else up there experienced the same problems, not enough riders to meet the minimum requirements for the guarantee.
Yes, today, downtown Napa, zero trip requests the last hour of incentive period, making me 1 shy of meeting the 1 trip/hr requirement. AND same exact thing last Sunday in downtown Sonoma.
Also, last 2 weekends, during the final hour of inventive period, I was sent an UberPOOL trip request (while driving UberX riders) in the Sonoma region (which I accepted but could not fulfill, because THERE IS NO UberPOOL OPTION IN SONOMA). I received an erroneous pop-up (after dropping off UberX riders) warning me that I missed out on earning more money if I had accepted it. Both times it ruined my 90% acceptance rate requirement.

Has anybody else had there hourly guarantee spoiled during final hour or by invalid UberPOOL requests?