Will Uber give you total miles driver per year?


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Hello Folks,

New driver here and am planning ahead for tax season etc...

I see you can export a weekly spreadsheets for your trips, but my question is does uber have the option to give you like a monthly or yearly report of your miles?


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No but doesn't matter because Uber can't tell you about ALL of your miles. You need to keep your own records because deadhead miles are deductible as well, miles to a call, miles home after last call, etc.... and Uber couldn't possibly know what those were.


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Uber is only going to show you miles you did ON TRIP. That is it. Best to get a little vehicle mileage logbook and keep up with it anytime you are Uber driving. If you are lucky enough to have a separate car just for Uber then all miles driven on that car plus any expenses can be deductible.


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There are a number of apps out there that take care of this for you. I use one called "Stride." Turn it on when I get in the car, and it measures miles while I drive. Also maps them, so you can see where you've worked. Let's you input related expenses, as well, and collects the whole thing into a tax-ready document at the end of the year. :smiles:


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You can just make up your miles at the end of the year– take the miles Uber provides and triple them. The IRS can't really challenge you and they don't bother with such low income earners anyway.


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Ok, they will at least issue you the total miles driven (while have a Pax)... There is no need for me to open every statment and add em up ?