Will this dead period end soon???

Stacey K.

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Hey all,

I see others posting snapshots of their pathetic earnings the last few days, and I want to know if anyone has any clue if this dead period will pick up SOON?

I understand, we're still in the holiday phase. People might still be returning from their Christmas vacations. They aren't yet back to work. They spent too much damn money the last month and are being frugal. Yata Yata yata. But I really expected it to be a bit busier by now.

It's been almost 2 weeks since Christmas, almost a solid week since NYE. I figured it'd still be slow during morning/evening commuter hours. But I was all set to hit that 60 trips/$220 bonus for this weekend, was on the road for over 3 hours and made a whopping 40 bucks. I've even driven around for almost an hour these last couple weeks without a single dispatch, and I trucked it right home. What a waste of time and gas. I'm going crazy.

Does anyone know, who's driven previous holidays seasons, when it picks back up to normal in the bay area again? I live in Sunnyvale. I've been driving part time since July and full time practically since October. I was making $1,000 easily if I drove sporadically throughout the week and made sure to hit the weekend bonuses... I've heard from some that it doesn't really get back to normal busy times with one request after another until mid Feb... ?? :frown:


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You have to wait till the last week of January, so see some return to normalcy.
For next year, plan on this for your cash flow needs.