Will there be another Uber appreciation bonus next year?


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Not only will there be no bonus next year, Uber has already signaled lower rates and less incentives on the horizon. Even "obedient ants" who are Uber Pro Diamond level are getting their small perks taken away. Driver pay and small incentives will continue to decline until Uber (and Lyft) can no longer attract an army of new ants! Oversaturation has resulted in them not even trying to appease drivers anymore.

New drivers have no idea how much more money drivers used to be able to make.


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3600+ rides and 4.5 years Ubering...

The SOBs say I didn't qualify...8>O

And support hung up on me...8>(

No monkey love from Uber....

What's this gig worth to me now...???

Not much...!


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It’s $3 million in click bait, they set the bonus to levels where they wouldn’t have to pay out much to most people.

That 3 million they spent on those bonuses might snag a few suckers and improve their public image, beyond that almost no impact.
it was reported that they paid out 300 million
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You obviously didn't attempt to read Ubers S-1
This last pay out was just a PR stunt and Uber was hoping to make a little more out of the ipo though the positive publicity.

From Ubers S-1.

“As we aim to reduce Driver incentives to improve our financial performance, we expect Driver dissatisfaction will generally increase.”

That's a polite way of saying "We don't make money but we are going to @@@@ drivers over to not lose as much."

No you are not getting a bonus next year, the year after or the year after that.

kc ub'ing!

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Last week’s bonus was so unexpected, I wouldn’t rule out another.

Just check out the responses to it here in these forums. A lot of folks didn’t believe the bonus would happen until it was deposited in their account.

Something this shocking cannot be predicted one way or another.