Will he or won't he??


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Question of the night:
I pick up a 2.2 surge Uber X in West LA this afternoon. The pax is there, hops in the car, and says "My friends will be here in a second, you can start the ride if you need to" so I did. Hell, at .03 cents a minute I think he'll be OK.

4 minutes go by, we're chatting, blah blah blah....he says "I'm sorry, I swear they'll be here any minute." I said "OK" (what am I supposed to say? He's 5 inches from me in the front seat...it gets awkward.)

2 more minutes go by, finally the 2 other pax drive up. They take a minute to park, then one gets into the car, the other is nowhere to be found. She said "Adam will be here in a second, I'm not sure what he's doing" Really? You were just sitting with him in the car, now you're here and he's not and you don't know where he went? Weird.

Adam FINALLY gets in the car, barely acknowledges arriving. The first guy, the one who got in the car first that I've been sitting with for 8 minutes, said "Don't worry, I'll take good care if you when I tip ya in the app." I just laughed, thinking to myself "if I had a dollar for every time some @@@@@@@ promised me that he tipped me in the app, I have about $10"

So of course they were going about a mile down the @@@@ing street, woo hoo. And do you think he's tipped me? Nope! Shocker, right? I'll give him til tomorrow, after that, I'm 1-starring his annoying ass.

And by the way- all of that sitting and waiting got me a whopping.24 cents. I didn't even earn a damn quarter for God's sake. :mad:


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You let yourself get pushed and come to forum to complain, this story repeats daily, why don't people learn ???

Well, not complaining YET. If he doesn't tip, I can 1-star his ass and feel better. I just wonder what the odds are.

Sheesh - what's up with everyone being such negative tonight? This site has turned into a shithole. I thought we could vent to each other since we're in similar situations daily, and it's almost comical since sometimes it's so predictable how annoying people are. Am I on the wrong site? WTF?

Are people trying to be jerks because they think they need to fit in?

Later! I'm out.
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The app automatically charges for wait time after 2 minutes.
Never start a trip till everyone is in the car doors closed and you are rolling.
What if they tried to clown car you. That's how they usually do it.
You would have made more money waiting 5 minutes and cancelling rider no show.
You would have taught passengers a lesson on how to order an on demand ride share service.


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My rides don't start until everyone is in the car AND strapped in. One guy sitting in the car waiting on 1-2 or 3 more? Nope, let it time out. When it times out, I cancel, collect my fee, and tell the rider to GTFO.


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I start the trip as soon as someone opens the door. I have a destination to look at. Kicked out some drunks for trying to clown car me. Kept driving because it didn't let me end the trip. Pax canceled but I got $12 and my rating is the same.
I never start the trip as soon as someone gets in anymore in case I have to cancel because of their attitude, behaviour whatever.


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Am I doing this wrong?

I start trip as soon as the first pax boards. I figure if anything happens to my car or pax or if pax f's anything up while sitting and waiting it would be easier to make a whatever type of claim.

Hope he tips Jules, if all whom said they would tip yesterday did, I wouldn't go drive today.