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Let's get Wichita started as a listed city. The ICT is ripe for the taking drivers!
How are things going for you in Wichita? I usually work weeknights. The weekends have only led me to waiting for hours because of the high number of drivers in one spot like Old Town, the airport or the malls.

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It has it been great. Old town sits mostly.

I think that Wichita needs some more marketing and emphasis put on Uber. It's still fairly "young" and underutilized overall. What you're doing is what most people are doing, unfortunately.


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Problem with Wichita is it's a "big" small-city. Population % that have their own cars is high compared to other areas, income is still relatively low (declining) with depressed economy but that alone should not stop UBER from success. In fact the only thing really hurting UBER is the push for more UBER drivers rather than spending money marketing for new users? There are several large university campuses that would be ripe for targeted marketing to students, plenty of opportunities to partner with local event planners and entertainment district leaders - so far I have have not seen anyone official try to do anything with any of these groups. We are a small city in the grand scheme of things - and business here is conducted largely by referral. UBER seems to think the drivers will continue to recruit drivers and passengers but they only market directly to driers - or mostly anyhow. Wichita has on average 30-40 drivers every night. Weekends there may be 80+ for a small geographic area in old town, east side and airport. There's just not enough demand from prospective customers/riders to be able to support that many drivers - thus there is huge discontent with the existing driver crowd. I made 2 to 3 times more last year then I am now. The price is no different. There are more riders now. The difference is the growing disproportion of number of drivers to the growth of ridership. There are limits to this size market - and we have hit them long ago for driver need - the need now is to focus on growing the brand locally - improving good-will with the community to have the social marketing effect and to encourage ridership.

It's a simple matter that could be fixed if they wanted to invest a little in actual market research and action on a marketing plan. I have held my breath for this for over a year - and I finally took my breath of sighs rather than relief - not blue in the face anymore - just looking for something better now.

I wish you ICT Uber peeps all the best - until UBER invests in marketing here - there will only be all the hype emails and texts to keep us motivated. In reality the best motivation would be to see our apps pinging and paychecks increasing - but that dream was lost after this last Halloween - perhaps one of the worst on record for income... last year I made out great - this year - it seems highly unlikely that I will be making enough to make it worth while.