Why you shouldn't peel out of the TNC lots


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He didnt hit her she came out got hit by the service truck on the left...but she was doing a Tokyo Drift lol


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Law Enforcement refer to it as: Unsafe Operation of a motor vehicle
That citation gets u immediate deactivation
Subsequently: I hope many of u put the peddle to the metal and burn rubber.

?Reduced quantity of platform drivers
means more $$?for our active law abiding partners ?

Another Uber Driver

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Tokyo Drift

Is that the same as a "Boston Block"/"New England Cutoff"?

If it is, I do not know Florida Law on the subject, but, in The District of Columbia, the Last Clear Chance doctrine does come into play. I do not know what traffic law model applies on airport property, here.


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Picking up at DCA yesterday a driver was speeding and weaving to get 1 car ahead to get to his pax 5 seconds earlier than everyone else going to the same place. SMH
Ahhh , it was you , the one that blocking two lines do not get anyone pass and picked up a pax in the middle .!! Lol

Time is money. We do not get paid for the pick up time The soonest you pick up, the soon you drop and pick up the next pax.
It may be joyriding for you but for many of us, time is money.
You may ask @3.75 for a BINGO TUESDAY recommendation.