Why UberPOOL won't go away


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Uber is 100% convinced that if they could drop the price even more that they would get more riders and make more money. Remember, a 10 cents per mile price drop is only 2 cents per mile drop for Uber. However, they also know that they've been getting horrible publicity over their treatment of drivers, so they can't just come out and drop prices. So, UberPOOL is a veiled attempt to lower the price while at the same time seeming to have their drivers' best interests in mind. I can assure you that any of my PAX now know better. In fact, last week I explained how it worked to a couple who was visiting from an area not yet infected by UberPOOL, and their response was "that sucks".

Uber's initial propaganda was that we would make more money because of less downtime. Clearly that was crap, and Uber and every single driver knows it.

They then tried to justify it by citing the number of PAX who chose POOL. This is circular logic, since 1) Uber continues to tweak the rider app to make it more difficult to choose UberX, 2) Uber keeps running specials which are basically offers that the PAX can't refuse, and 3) Uber lies to PAX in their estimate of POOL vs X (I had a ride where she told me she chose POOL over X because the estimate showed it being $6 cheaper on a 20 mile ride ... do the math).

Honestly, they could offer a new service called UberSHIT, which is UberX with a faint whiff of dog poo during the ride, and if they priced it at 65 cents they would get a lot of requests for it.

We can fight it, but remember that you'll be fighting against a multi-billion dollar company with a multi-million dollar publicity budget.

The best thing we can do is to figure out how to live with it. Some people have chosen to ignore those calls, I've limited my range to pick one up to 3 minutes, etc.

I also get some amusement at some aspects of it. Nothing makes me happier than getting a POOL request that is canceled by rider within a minute. "Thanks for the $1.60, sucker." And I smile every time I get a POOL request that is less than 4 miles, since the POOL minimum means that I'll make more than if the PAX had chosen X.
I am only getting pool requests. Funny how my first 50 rides I had a 90%+ acceptance rate, the second they added pool its dropped to under 40%. Yesterday I got one uberx request in 3 hours, I was doing errands anyway so it didn't bother me, but I keep letting the pool requests go and no more uberx ones come in.

Today I once again only received uberpool pings (I guess no drivers are taking them), so I said f it and took 3 pool rides today, all less than 10 minutes and all less than 4 miles, pay is crap, but my screen ONLY pops up UberPool pings now.... this sucks, I am about to call it quits for this side gig. I was making $100 a day easy for a few hours, now... nothing.

No wonder the new drivers who don't get pool get sucked in, then wham... pool hits and its game over, pay drops, drivers leave, new drivers show up and the cycle keeps going. The worst part is they can do the right thing. I wonder what will happen when they go public (if they go public), the rules would hopefully change as a public company, even though they'll try to suck every penny out, which could be bad even worse for drivers, but at these rates its just a matter of time before people don't even bother.