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Why Uber is stupid and I hope Travis is listening

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Uber Uber, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Uber Uber

    Uber Uber Active Member

    1. Some people want to tip, and because of this you're losing business to Lyft. Uber made Lyft what it is and you're letting it grow. A tip is only an option. I see people who can barely afford to rideshare choosing Lyft because even they have principles.

    2. You've had a lot of bad press, and it soooo easy to fix and save face but for some reason you are not. I really hope you don't think you're too big to fail. One simple gesture can change things for drivers and riders but it seems you're not willing?

    3. Hire me, a driver that's only driven for Uber or hire any driver and you might learn a lot.

    More to come...
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  2. Delivery Mr.Guy

    Delivery Mr.Guy Well-Known Member

    I have said on here that the uber driverless will fail, but no one is believe it

    Than I had predicted that Travis will bankcruptcy and people still laughing, but wat and see. Mark my words

    If uber failed in China, uber will failed everywhere. Uber pool is a deaths sentence for Travis.
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  3. Tr4vis Ka1anick

    Tr4vis Ka1anick Well-Known Member

    No you listen, we are going through growing pains and stuff.

    Uber Eats is going down the tubes. All the freakin' drivers just eat the food.
    Uber pool is full of stool and our driverless cars are running over people and I think a cat and one squirrel (but that doesn't count).

    I am in a fragile state right now and ask that you be nice to me and apologize.
  4. steveK2016

    steveK2016 Well-Known Member

    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    There are reasons for people wantingto use lyft over uber, the ability to pay more through in app tipping isnt it.
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  5. Andre Benjamin 6000

    Andre Benjamin 6000 Well-Known Member

    San Diego
    I hope Travis trips & falls, face first, onto a fresh petri dish of AIDS....
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  6. Tr4vis Ka1anick

    Tr4vis Ka1anick Well-Known Member

    I hope you get a bright yellow mustard stain on that pretty pink shirt and three birds poop on you snappy hat.

    Why three? In case the first two miss.
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  7. DRider85

    DRider85 Well-Known Member

    Yet Uber is still more popular.
  8. Andre Benjamin 6000

    Andre Benjamin 6000 Well-Known Member

    San Diego
    Lmao! Hahahahahahaha!!!...

  9. FL_Dex

    FL_Dex Well-Known Member

    South Florida
    I believe it. By the time driverless cars are a reality there will be other companies with driverless cars on the road. Even if Uber is first to market, they won't be first very long. Price competition will gut the margins on driverless cars.
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