Why Uber Customer Service Reps Suck

LA Cabbie

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Every one here by now should know that Uber CSR's are contract workers in the 3rd world like India who are more abused and less paid than the drivers.

Here is the real reason why you are getting canned responses, replies that have nothing to do with your inquiry, and the dreaded "Hi, I'm Nina jumping in for Sanjay..."

Uber like most start-ups use Zendesk for customer support. How Zendesk works is like this. You and thousands others send an email to [email protected] every day. Zendesk takes your email and it puts it in a queue. Much like the drivers, any slave, er, I mean contractor available and most closest (as it pops up on their screen) to your inquiry gets it. Still like the drivers, they have to quickly get this taken care of so they can move on to the next ping er I mean email else they lose out on money or worse deactivated, er I mean let go.

This explains why first responses are almost never satisfactory. So of course, for further assistance, you reply. Your email goes back into the queue and the process of first available CSR most closest to your emails gets it. Since Uber has thousands of these worker bees, you almost never get the same CSR who originally responded to your initial email. Hence the reason you get, Hi, I'm jumping in on behalf of...

Because these CSR's have a quota to fill and really are not that good at their job to begin with, they either glance over the initial responses or just flat out confuse you with someone else.

I recently inquired with Uber about the status of my Cali driver license and the second CSR who took over asked me to upload my military credentials. WTF???

I don't know about you, but I cannot work for a company the provides such poor customer service.

Another Uber Driver

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TNCs: Quantity above quality.

Although, in all honesty, it ain't just no TNCs whats' guilty of that. Cab companies that go to a satellite/computer/GPS call assignment over voice dispatch are guilty of the same thing. It is a wonderful thing for ownership, but for the driver, it is not the best. All that ownership cares is that the calls go out.

Zendesk is the same. The e-Mails come in, the e-Mails go out and you have all of these wonderful numbers that mean absolutely nothing.