Why Uber can’t afford to lose in India


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India will be easier to dominate. China basically said to Uber "We'll pay you $1 Billion to GTFO. Or we'll just kick you out. Your choice." Travis took the money and ran.

I'm always entertained when these big self-important honchos go into China like Google and Facebook and Uber and get completely steamrolled by the communist party. They're used to being the big swinging d*ck in town and China just steps on them like a bug. At least Travis got some money before the communist party planted its foot on his derrière.


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With that panic button they had installed how could they go wrong?
Will Uber playbook work in India?

“Their (Uber’s) play book globally is the same: First break the law—then use billions of dollars of funding to kill the competition through unrealistic and predatory pricing to consumers and massive incentives to drivers. Then if regulators react to any violation of laws, create huge social media campaigns using the consumer base created through subsidized pricing to put pressure on regulators to change the laws.” Quote forgot to mention political bribes (eh, lobbying).