Why this TV reporter quit his job to drive for Lyft


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I hope he moves up to video recording. Some passenger's body language and facial expressions while they're talking are priceless. I bet the city will find a way to slap a special fee or tax on Anthony, if he uses his Lyft driver podcast interviews to bash Chicago politicians, streets, stinky sewers, red-light cameras, etc...


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Trades in 60k+ for 20k. Loses benefits. I'm so confused.
What's confusing? Blyft has been running ads here for months. "Make up to $1500 per week driving your own car whenever you want. And 60% of our riders tip the driver blah blah." And if the podcast thing takes off, dudes gonna be a ballah. Look at Randy the "Guberman".


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He's said he'll try this for six months and then evaluate the situation. Apparently, he sees an opportunity to boost his career in journalism and land a better gig or a book deal. He didn't decide to drive for the rest of his life. Besides, his dad and brother are well-known in the Chicago market and he won't have any trouble getting another TV job.


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I just subscribed to his Podcast: "Backseat Rider" :smiles:

(Only listening to Episode 2 right now)

It's quite interesting! Also, since my son is a frequent Uber/Lyft rider in Chicago....I might hear him getting interviewed on one of the upcoming episodes. :p