Why the drift.


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This happens a lot with XLs.

Approaching the pickup spot...

Yup, thats probably them, excited to go to the zoo or something. Dads on the phone, moms on the xanax, kids are all sugared up and ready to f up my clean car. They look like seat crawlers..

Oh no, whats happening ... they are cartwheeling off the curb. Dads oblivious.

The whole family feels compelled to get me rear ended by drifting into the street towards me. What is this a football pattern? Did seeing me trigger Dad to call a play here? hut one hut two, sweep left, theyre trying to push me out of bounds into the oncoming lane

All day long.

They stand at the curb. I arrive and then they walk off the curb into the street, so i can block traffic.

Yeah, thanks. How to make something simple, complicated.


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I get it with drunks all the time. They walk in front of me to get me to stop haha. jokes on them, I don't!


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I never understand this. Stay on the damn curb so I can pull up and park!!!

The most annoying is when working to squeeze to the curb at the airport, super busy, in the 3rd lane, they come running over. WTF! You see that empty spot right there 15 feet up, yea, that is where I was going. Now I'm triple parked blocking traffic with you at my trunk.


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They just want to make sure that you know that they are your pax as several drivers have canceled on them already.
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