Why should I get a PUC?


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Hi all I'm new to Uber and this community. Looking for your wise advice on whether i should apply for PUC.... is there any advantage in doing so with a Mazda 3 2011?

I appreciate all your input :smiles:

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PUC Permit License - it provides you with the legal right to transport passengers "legally", like a limo and or taxi. it also grants you the ability to pick from airports.
Here are the details:

the difference between a TCP certificate and a TCP permit?

A. The law provides three types of certificates and three types of permits.
  • Class A certificate - Charter service between any points in the state; round-trip sightseeing service.
  • Class B certificate - Charter service between any point within a radius of 125 air miles of the carrier's home terminal to any other point in the state. (Per federal law, the mileage limitation may not apply to transportation provided in vehicles that seat more than ten, including the driver.)
  • Class C certificate - Transportation services incidental to commercial balloon operations, commercial river-rafting or skiing.
  • "P" permit - Charter services using only vehicles under 15-passenger seating capacity.
  • "S" permit - Round-trip sightseeing services.
  • "Z" permit - Specialized services not offered to the general public, namely, transportation incidental to another business; transportation under contract with industrial and business firms, governmental agencies, and private schools; and transportation of agricultural workers to and from farms.


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Why ? is this designated for another city? besides this can be related to any city in the US.

these laws are completely different based on state, county, and city. none of this applies to the entire country. There is no universal PUC permit.

edit: for instance, Colorado has specific laws that allow TNC's like Uber and Lyft to operate which gives insurance companies the ability to provide special riders to personal policies. If you were in Colorado or another state like it the answer would be 100% no.


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Why ? is this designated for another city? besides this can be related to any city in the US.

As others have said, every state, region, and many cities, have specific regulations in place specific to TNC (Uber/Lyft, etc.) drivers. Here in Dallas TX, drivers need to get a city issued permit and vehicle inspection to transport passengers within the city limits; and an additional permit to operate at DFW airport.

However, drivers do not require these same permits if they operate in the surrounding suburban cities and do not do airport rides.


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A big benefit of getting a TCP number (commercializing your car) from the PUC (Public Utilities Commission) is, as you mentioned, the ability to pick up prearranged passengers in California without being restricted to risharing companies. You can advertise legally, have a transportation services website, and build your business by passing out your business cards and through other means. You can charge market rates (none of that penny saver business) with no limit i heard of. It could lead to lucrative way to make a living.
Like almost anything, there are drawbacks as well. It depends on what you want to do and for how ling you are in it for.
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