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Why rides are no longer in order?

Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by Ride Phoenix, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Ride Phoenix

    Ride Phoenix

    Can somebody tell me why Uber is mixing the ride orders' time? It used to be in order from morning to night. Now, it's all mixed up.
  2. Adbam


    I don't know if I understand what you mean but sometimes when ubers system is lagging it can take a bit for certain trips to show on the drvr app and the website.

    Maybe post a screen shot.

    When the system is working correct it still lists trips by days starting at 12am on my phone.
  3. UberDeath


    If a rider requests a split fair you will not see it until the other person accepts which is sometimes later into the night or the next morning Uber gives a certain amount of time for someone to except the split before it goes away or else they would have to charge the rider the full amount at the end of the ride. that is why you will not see the rides in order

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