Why my screen looks like that?


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no detail street name,can not see location pick up and drop off .gps only high line no turn by turn street name.how to set to normal ,what has happen?

phone-----google pixl 2xl


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I am having a problem with my app also,
few days ago my phone suddenly died while I was online, after my phone restarted the app reverted to the old version, no wait timer, no fair details, can't set arrival time on DF, many features are gone. I tried logging out and back in, restarting my phone, but didn't fix it. Messaged them few times but I am getting robot reply, they can't read or comprehend.
Anyone knows a fix to this issue? I am on iPhone.


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I have same problem in New York went to Uber they said it started on Oct.7 hundreds here Android only 1 I phone said that they don't know why and they are working on it. It even happened toe with waze twice. Now o use gGoogl it's been good so far