Why it counts against US?


When Paxs don't show up at the pickup location after we called or text to confirm that we have arrived and the cancel meter is all red

can someone tell me why it counts against us?? Huh?


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Uber does whatever they want without regard as to what is right or wrong. That is how I treat their passengers.

Another Uber Driver

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Every time that I have a problem with a customer, in my CYA e-Mail to Uber Driver "Support", I tell them that they need to change the cancellation policy so that certain cancellations do not count against the driver. There are some trips that I accept with the knowledge that there will be a minor problem. Given the option, I would decline to haul the customer, but I need to save my cancellations for when I really need them. I had one Sunday, although, miraculously, Rohit gave me forty bananas for it. It was a leaky bag of ice that the customer had, I knew that he would be careless with it. As predicted, he started yakking on his wireless and let it lean up against the seat. It got the seat wet, so I was out of business until it dried. Fortunately, he was trip two beyond my Uber Quest. I was doing well, too. It was mostly mild Boost (1,2) or even base rates in the 'burbs, but the pings were stacking.

I added photographs of the water on the rubber floor mat, just for dramatic effect. I did, in the text of the whining, tell Rohit that it was water from a leaky bag of ice. I did add that the wet seat (a photograph of the stain on the seat was included) put me out of business. We will see if the forty potatoes makes it to the bank deposit from the Uber. As there was a holiday this week, it might take until Friday, which gives the user plenty of time to caterwaul about it and for Rohit to take it away from me.

Had I the option without having to face undue consequences, I would have declined to transport the customer. He can hail a cab for that. If the cab driver does not have rubber floors, shame on him (he will have a covered back seat, that IS required). I would have had no problem hauling this guy on Uber Taxi. He would get one-starred for the leaky ice bag, but it would take less than five minutes and a few paper towels to wipe off the seat (covered in vinyl) and the rubber floor of the cab.


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Just take the cancellation fee and move on. It resets every 7 days. You accept then next 4 or 5 trips cancellation rate is back up.