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Why is it so slow?


New Member
I've noticed a huge decline in West Palm and the Treasure Coast Area in the past few weeks. IveI been driving since May and part time, I was making decent money. July hit and I am lucky if I can make $60 in a week. Tonight, I spend 7 hours online for $355. I have tried different areas. I am at a loss. Summer maybe? I guess I need to go to MIa or take a break. I am spending more than I've been making.
Anyone else on the Treasecoast/WPB are having similar issues?


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Jupiter is dead as well. Past few months have been silent. I was doing pretty good for the past 1.5 years but this summer has been horrible. Lots of people out at the local spots but ride requests have been hard to come by. I only do XL and LUX.


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It's amazing how many people dont understand the concept of snowbirds and the season lol.

The towers around me are only maybe 10% full but i still see the same guys in their cars for 5+ hours waiting.

At least I finally got my toilet seat fixed today, took me 5 hours over 2 weeks lol long story lol