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Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)


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Seriously? I had a good morning. Even one shortie on 1.3 surge surprised me... guy was like "excellent, 5 stars and $5 tip" he did it while I was blocking traffic... for $5 I will block it as long as it takes for him to do it lol.

"Hang on fellas, I'm getting tipped here!" lol

I was in Mississauga east and Etobicoke
Saturated area


Net $3.99/hour

Is it normal that I'm full time driver and i drive only 3-4 hours ?


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Switching to evening
Ready for night pings 😁
Just came back from .... Durham Baby! ... and it was dead all the way from oshawa to scarb.... and I didn't even filtered on destination. 0 pings for entire drive home along kingston road.


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I’m downtown
3 uber trips
2 Lyft trips
all $5 trips

I'm going to sleep
Morning is more fun
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