Why I don’t have goddamn Uber eats turned on


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I wouldn't mind camping out near upscale restaurants and delivering large orders to the kind of people that would definitely tip. But it looks like the majority of people that use the delivery services are the great unwashed.
The problem is you have little control over where you end up. The other night I camped out in an upscale neighborhood. I got a couple nice deliveries with nice tips but the third delivery took me far out of range. I could dead head back 15 minutes or stay in place and take the McDonald's trips. And there were plenty of McDonald's trips.

The same thing happened the following night. I started in the upscale eatery area and three trips later found myself 25 miles away in a rural neighborhood. At that point I just turned on UberX and Lyft and took passengers.


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I turned eats back on this week since things were so slow. So far it's not so bad. I got a $10 tip this afternoon on a Sonic delivery.

The thing I really hate about eats is the apartment complex deliveries. I got a whole string of them the other night and it's the typical routine... trying to find the building numbers, in the dark, and then climbing three flights of stairs to deliver a cheeseburger.
Coachman you have to know your "areas"...I stay away from certain areas because I know they will be Apartment buildings...Do you have a University near you??? cause all of the College kids will meet you outside for a McDonald's order...they don't tip but they are cool.