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Why Hollywood Sucks.


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Go into Hollywood around 8AM to catch some surging. Get a request just down the street and get there very quickly. After I've arrived at the location, the client almost missed the wait period, entered the car talking about how "Uber @@@@ing sucks" and then needed to get to the destination lightning fast! Honestly, I had to tell her I couldn't take her under the mood and conditions, very kindly. She continue to get extremely angry and tells me to "@@@@ off" at least 7 times, then she cancels the ride and purposely opens my door as far as possible to slam it. What rating was this passenger? 4.7... I usually never have this problem, but it seems 4.7 rated passengers, in hollywood mainly are very difficult... Oh well, driving has been good and should be this rest of week!! GOOD LUCK ALL!


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Wow....good attitude you have after such a terrible person.

One thing to watch is that our App tells us the Rider has been Notified, but their App many times - especially in Hollywood I have found (probably due to such sucky data over there) Rider App says we are still 2 Minutes out. Annoying them and costing us time/money. I always text them as soon as I arrive - I am out front when you are ready. Thanks! Uber. Half come out and say, Thanks cuz App said you were 2 minutes away still.
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I think I would get of my car and confront her or him if that happened.

That's how they look down upon you, no way I'm allowing that..

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