Why fuber keep banning my plate saying not on tlc database



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Are fuber so desperate want me to go their office and wait for two hours. Twice in a week they put my account on waitlist saying my plate is not active on tlc database while it's active on the open data.


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It will take sometime. They kept doing the same thing to me after i started using my car, went twice to Fuber and once to TLC my plate was always active, just give it time is an error on their part. Sign up with lyft in the meantime if they put your acc on hold.


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Same here guys. I went for a visual tlc inspection (today 9/28/17 in the a.m) since car was less than 500 miles. I passed and diamonds placed in vehicle and all. Went to Uber office and activated in L.I.C. and started picking up passengers. Around 2pm today my vehicle is disabled due to not being in the tlc open data database. What gives? Called tlc and no one is available to help. This is ridiculous.
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It's not tlc problem, open data is available to check. It's fuber genius programmers @@@@ around with people's lives. Call them and scream get it fixed in two minutes.
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