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Why don't we strike?

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Avb, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Avb


    When is it enough?

    We are "contractors" yet we are forced to take pool, we are forced to accept every trip and we are not allowed to cancel. In other words our safety is at risk by being forced to drive under the worst conditions and pick up riders that might challenge our safety. We are also forced to work with a lower fare because we have no say in it.

    The only people doing anyhting are the lawyers in California in the "class action lawsuit" set for this summer. But what about the rest of the states and cities? I understand we need to work because its our livelyhood but can't we take a few days off and force a strike? Are most people that afraid? All we have to do is jointly stay offline for a day or two and Uber will fee it in their pocket. No drives on the road means no rides so what's stopping us???

    Let's unite and go on strike!
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  2. oscardelta


    Miami, FL
    You can take a few days off any time you want. You can even encourage others to do the same. It won't make a difference. There are too many drivers out there who are addicted to the illusion of "easy money", and willfully ignoring the mileage they are putting on their vehicles, for a widespread movement to take hold. Not to mention that Uber is constantly putting new drivers onto the street who don't yet understand that the game is rigged against them. By the time they come around to that realization, there will be thousands of new drivers to take their place. I'm thinking when the rates drop below $0.25/mile and $0.05/minute, more people might start understanding that this isn't a viable solution for income.
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  3. bard1290


    For me, we just have to hope the courts in California uphold their ruling that we are employees not treated as contractors. Uber is appealing the decision trial is set for June iirc.
  4. Micmac


    Cause there are lot of H@les driving Uber!!
  5. William1964


    There goes the gas prices. I'm going up 15% here in a couple of weeks.

    I vote for an increase to cover the cost of gas equal to or greater than 15%
  6. oscardelta


    Miami, FL
    Uber will tell you that increased gas prices and even lower rates are going to "increase demand" and therefore increase your earnings. Instead of doing 20 trips a day, you can do 30 (at lower rates, spending more time, and driving more miles). This is the pitch they give to customers: "Why burn your own gas when you can burn somebody else's?" The goal is to make Uber cheaper than actually driving your own car.
  7. jonnyplastic


    We need a strong leader to organize in order to strike. Who's it going to be? Who will be a hero of the people?
  8. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    You drivers have all the say in price setting. And the drivers are saying loud and clear they're very happy with the fare price structure. If drivers were not happy, then why have so many (including yourself) joined Uber after June of 2013. By the way, that's when Uber X cut the rates by $.90 (the largest single cut by far). Drivers keep joining, it's the "kick me dog" syndrome. You keep kicking the little dog that tries humping your leg and guess what? He keeps running back with his tail wagging.
  9. William1964


    I really think arguing gas prices in the increase is the best way to get a fare increase I mean Fair.

    Since every city probably rules like team Uber Chicago rules over Chicago a petition for each City.

    It can't be Nationwide because there are places where the gas prices have gone down. So each City would be a class.

    I'm not a leader. I barely get through my own life. I'm not a hero when there's too much time to think about my actions. Compare it to jumping into pool to save someone.

    There are plenty of petition websites. Start a petition in each City get as many signatures as you can from people in that City.

    It's trouble but drivers could ask writers to sign the petition as well and it would be better if the fare increase does not affect the passengers

    From there there are several options.

    1. Take the signed petitions to Uber and wait for their denial acceptance.

    2. Since the city of Chicago has a Rideshare ordinance Chicago could go to a city council meeting and asked to speak.

    3. 6th floor of the Daley Center civil complaint office and desk. You get 6 or 700 drivers on the petition and it will cost $0.50 each to file a complaint.

    Someone would have to go online and research a similar complaint by taxi companies for taxi drivers and see how they got their gasoline surcharge

    Spring is just sprung I'm saying $3 a gallon in Chicago by Labor Day

    This gets kinda tricky but I think I figured it out.

    They keep changing the rates. And it's usually a decrease to the drivers.

    The price of gas is updated like weekly.

    It makes sense to me 2 ask for an increase or gas surcharge based on the most recent price for fare change or commission cut or driver penalty fee. This proves my leadership skills as being poor.

    I've no idea what the rates are in Chicago because I'm kind of off to the side for now. Therefore I would choose the price of gas on the day I took my first trip for Uber which was July 21st 2015 or July 22nd.

    If they cut the price today or increase something or their Commission today I think it would affect to a small degree the difference in price that in gas period since 2 weeks ago it was about $2.10
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  10. William1964


    If anyone continues on this make sure you try to get any gasoline surcharge to go to the drivers and not to Uber.

    The drivers provide 90% 95% of the safety for the passengers Uber got the safe ride fee.

    I don't know what happened to the safe ride fee I think it was changed to a booking fee. That sounds kind of bait and switch like. It's now a booking fee and has nothing to do with safety.

    Any gasoline surcharge should go to the driver and Driver only
  11. Abraxas79


    Toronto, Ontario Cnada
    You need to lobby your local city council to put a cap on the number of drivers UBER can put out. This way they cannot saturate the market they way they have been. This is the one word UBER fears, CAP. If this happens drivers gain leverage, and UBER cannot piss all over them they way they have been.
  12. OneDay


    Drivers need to communicate somehow (hopefully an app) and from there can affect prices.
  13. Uber10k


    Twin Cities
    Uncle Fluber should pay out an amount per month to every driver for a gas fee or a phone fee. These pricks take in money hand over fist, (in a story on another post, uber claims they make $0.19 per every ride in the US.....Bull&^%$! 19 cents, what a bunch of crap! We use our phones for these pricks, we all have to pay for data and so on, we pay for gas, which has been fairly cheap the last few months, but is slowly climbing back up. What does fluber give us for that? Nothing!

    They should figure out an amount to each driver for every 100 trips they take, like a $25.00 gas fee, and maybe a $7-8 fee for phone usage...at least something, or maybe a $75 fee to each driver per month for phone and gas as a bonus. I sure hope Juno or some other new start-up knocks Tinsel Toe Travis on his Arss soon!!

    I will say, even though Fluber gives you flexibility in the hours you can work, which is great, they are truly a dishonest money grabbing goblin who will screw you at any chance they get!

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