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Why does Uber get 75%


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My recent experience has been that Uber will always give me a share adjustment so that I make slightly more than 50% on all fares, surge and non surge. My market is minimum fare $3, but I always get more with Uber, regardless of how short the ride is. With Lyft, they still pay $3. I have seen my surge almost double with the share adjustment. We get less $.60 per mile and $.11 a minute, but gas is 1.89 right now.

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And they still cannot turn a profit. Uber no IPO this year also. They are done...
Personally I think Sugar fires Dara first. Can't believe he just sits back and does nothing while his company (make no mistake, Sugar is the "owner", Dara is just the "GM", but because he had face from Expedia he is the front-man) loses billions year after year.