Why does Uber driver app no longer show the gross trip total?

Ride Phoenix

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Anyone knows why Uber app is no longer showing the dollar amount of trip total in gross?
It only shows the net after deduction.
Also, why it takes to long (pin wheel) to show the total.

Some, especially new riders, ask the total at the end of their trip and it takes 3 to 5 minutes to show the total. Most of them won't wait that long but they look at you with suspicion and most likely won't be posting 5 star reviews.

Is that reviews actually directed to the driver or the Uber's app?


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What u have to do now is have the Uber partner website up on your browser and refresh the screen. It's stupid but it's the quickest way to tell the pax. Or you can tell them it's calculating and will update the pax app in a min or less.


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Honey, if you never see the money, you won't know it's missing. That is what they are counting on. They used to break down total fares, including everything and then they broke out all the deductions.. Now they only show you how much you take home so you keep on earning until you get what you need and so you don't ask questions about the total amount of fares. Welcome to Uber..