Why do some small groups order XL?

Roger in Canton

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I would say At least 20% of my XL pings are for 1 to 2 paxs. I know what you're thinking.... they want more room! That maybe true, but I had a pax during HOF week that wasn't that big and I ask him why he does XL? More room? No! He told me the drivers are better.... of course I couldn't disagree with him! So I asked a couple of my XL paxs that question last night and they agreed! So have you XL drivers upgraded to XL after driving awhile? So are better at driving paxs?


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You also have people whose last ride was an XL and they didn’t switch back.

Some think it’s a better vehicle (I’m driving a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country lol).

1/4 of my XL’s are 1 person. I love it!