why are the fares so low? I am wondering what other drivers think?


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I think the factors that Uber considers when setting fares are; number of drivers available or willing to drive for the fares and number of rides requested. If the fares are too high, too many drivers will be on the road. If fares are too low, there will not be enough drivers.


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i think they're just crooked. I requested a Uber ride myself, as a rider last night. I went around the block to chat up the driver, made a stop at 7/11. Whole ride was less than a mile, less than 5 minutes, including stop. I was charged $4.75. I get a trip like this as a driver, it's less than $3 bucks for me! I drove a person 5 miles at 7am, my fare was $2.75! I tipped the driver $10 buck for being my guinea pig.


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Uber's goal is to make a buck. They need drivers to provide the service. If there are too many drivers, they will not get enough rides to make it worth while and there will be fewer surges. So they cut the fare as an incentive to riders and disincentive to drivers. The low fare creates a lot of driver churn - they need to constantly sign up new drivers, so they provide incentives for driver referrals. They keep lowering the fares until the desperate drivers are the only ones willing to drive for the fare. They look for a balance between fares and driver numbers and make-up their shortfall with surge. So - to get fares up, we need to take some days and weekends off the road. There needs to be an incentive for Uber to raise the fares - fewer drivers willing to drive for the pennies.

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The ONLY way that Uber is worth the time is:
If it's not your main source of income
If you only drive when it is convenient for you
If the .54 cents a mile IRS deduction actually saves you money
Getting a surge rate once in a while.
Otherwise you are just trading an old penny for a new penny.
Uber was set up by some very smart people who know how to squeeze a desperate workforce. I can imagine some of the disparaging things they say about their drivers.
If the economy greatly improves they might have to start offering a better deal. But it would take a big increase to make it worth pursuing full time.


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Uber has a "social mission" it wants to open the ride share business up to people that can't afford Taxis. They don't care how much the fare is as it costs them nothing to provide the ride. That expense falls to the driver. They want the $1 safe rider fee, the fare itself is just gravy.
In Orlando Florida riders pay $.65 a mile so I expect that it will get worse once they decide they need more market share


Impressive... You got one of the $100 incentives and are showing the labor day weekend. How many hours did you have to work for that check? 21 hours got me nearly $400 before taxes and expenses.

No incentives. Was online about 40 hrs.


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You making nearly 800 bucks for 40 hours of uber and no incentive... You were quick with the other screen shot...