Who's pax door dinged someone's car? I know you are here!


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I once got a ‘door prize’ (cyclist term for getting smoked by an opening car door) by a passenger in a taxicab who decided to fling open the passenger side door into live traffic while stuck at a red light.

Insurance and courts ruled against the driver and I was compensated for damages, ambulatory care and time off work. It was not how I wanted it to turn out as I was going after the passenger for doing something so stupid.

So, After watching this video, if the victim wishes to sue, it’s against the uber driver, but they likely won’t as the deductible makes it not worth the bother
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Geeze...Just read the comments. $4700 damage (it was a Tesla). I’m certain they’ll lay fault on the poor driver. It’ll be hard to track the PAX down, but even if they do, it was ultimately the two vehicles (parts) colliding. I might be wrong, but it’ll be hard to get anything from the passenger
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That is why I always warn the passenger (when I was trying to park at driver's side pavement) that Wait a sec Sir/Mam and I will let you know when it is safe to open the door.