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Whoever complaining about lyft I disagree:)

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by JTR, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. UberPartnerDennis

    UberPartnerDennis Well-Known Member

    Concord, CA
    Last time I took a ride as a lyft passenger the driver had Uber and Lyft emblems on his car. For the first time I didnt tip a fellow driver and instead 3 starred him with the comment, pick one or the other. And I will continue to do this. Show up with a lyft emblem only though and regardless of the ride your tip will be 50 to 150% depending on how you get me there
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  2. SFTraffic

    SFTraffic New Member

    San Francisco
    As a driver you realize that we don't see comments if they are 3 or less stars on Lyft or less than 5 stars on Uber. Just moronic.

    I give them less than 5 when they don't have their trade dress. Not the other way. Atleast in California, (I don't know your state) trade dress is required on front and back windows.

    Additionally stop being so hard on the driver. They aint making bank, Lyft & Uber are.
  3. Drivincrazy

    Drivincrazy Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas, NV
    Too much crap on our windows. I would like full vision at all times. Our field and range of vision should be free of any view obstruction, especially for night driving. I think I need a clear view of the incoherent drunk pedestrian walking aimlessly near an intersection that has poor lighting at night. Our range of vision is already limited by front car posts...more than most people think.
  4. JTR

    JTR Active Member

  5. Xnyte90

    Xnyte90 Member

    New York
    So you decided to give him a low rating because he has both stickers on? That makes no sense like is it wrong to drive for both? Why does he have to get the short end of the stick when he is working for two ride share companies and he came to pick you up and drop you off like to be honest that is just very ignorant and makes no logical sense at all. "Yeah he is making a living trying to maximize his earnings so I decided to give him a low rating and not tip him because he is has both stickers on his car!" Like dude come on man.
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  6. cenTiPede

    cenTiPede Active Member

    People like to take on others the anger they have of themselves. The smallest of the excuses is a valid reason for them to show how angry they are.

    They could kill the whole world and still feel angry with the dead people for making him do it. They don't know they have problems as they have spent their whole life blaming others for their own faults.

    Ignorance is only part of their psychological disorder.

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