Who wears shorts?


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This is why the food delivery business and taxi business should be considered separate lines of work.

You want to wear some shorts and t-shirt and get all sweaty climbing stairs then go pick up someone in your car while it still smells like fast food and you're soaked in sweat? Awesome idea.

Jon Stoppable

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Bear does not wear pants. Or shorts. Or undoos. Just a short-sleeve button-down shirt in the largest size bear can find, and then leave the top three buttons open.

And always a hat, that really sells the whole "bear is not an animal, bear is a human being!" vibe.


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Just wondering if anyone wears shorts while ubering? I'm about to try it since I also do deliveries and have to get out of the car often.
That’s all I wear is shorts. Why would you wear pants? Your not on your way to a date.

Are you talking about like basketball shorts? Because no I dont wear those while driving that’s too comfortable. I wear dickey shorts and Tshirts all week long.


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I was always in shorts when driving they are fashionable and quite comfortable.