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Who was your most memorable rider?

El Janitor

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First week I pick up "The World Traveler." I pick up the guy and he's staying in an apartment building right outside The local State College ( well known starts with a C ends with an N). So he asks me if I would mind making it a round trip because he just needs to go to a pharmacy like 1 or 2 miles away. So I agreed.

Then he starts telling me he's out here visiting his,"B_i_t_c_h" on vacation. Then he tells me he normally doesn't travel but he's enjoying his trip. So I ask him where he's from, and he replies "Downtown Los Angeles." Anyhow I kept quiet because 38 miles really isn't a trip. I drive to Los Angeles City downtown all the time Ubering and all of Los Angeles County weekly.

So he starts asking me for love advice, and tells me how hard it is to mange so many,"B_i_t_c_h_e_s." Anyhow I eventually reply, "You ever hear the phrase, happy wife, happy life?" That was the straw that broke his back. I can't remember everything he said, but I do remember being told that my problem was my thinking. Something something, "B_i_t_c_h_e_s, crazy B_i_t_c_h_e_s, so many crazy B_i_t_c_h_e_s, you don't know how had it is to mange all these "B_i_t_c_h_e_s" So anyhow I dropped our 30- 43 year old World Traveling Man off at the 20 something year old college girls' apartment (one of his B_i_t_c_h_e_s).

I was happy that he didn't physically try to assault me, or mess up my car, because wow he was not happy. I wished him the best, and drove away. I think I can never forget him as I've never met such a International Gentleman with such class, and his passport must be filled with stamps from Compton to Hollywood, perhaps even Malibu.
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My most memorable ride is my first night drive where I picked up the drag queen who was heading to a bar to perform. While I’m on the expressway, he shouts, “Mayday! Mayday! He couldn’t find his cash, so he was freaking out. He later found it.

My funniest pax was the young guy who told me good thing I didn’t hit the squirrel in the road because otherwise he’d have to deduct a star.

My favorite pax were the group of 22 year olds who I picked up at s bar and were going to the ballpark about 20 min away. On the way, they were talking about how they forgot their ping pong balls. They wanted to play beer pong while tailgating. I told them I’d stop at Walmart on the way if they ran in to get them. They come out of Walmart with a huge table because they needed it for beer pong. I was laughing so hard.

O-Side Uber

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Passenger who said
⚠ “only a Fool or Complete Loser would Destroy their car for pennies”
I immediately started online courses in IT and secured gainful employment.

I visit here because it’s like a slow motion train wreck...
U got to stop to see the dead bodies, mayhem and disorganization
and blame game
  • It’s Uber’s Fault ! ?
  • Its Lyft’s Fault ! ?
  • It’s the passenger’s Fault ! ?

Problem ain’t them ⬆
Problem is the drivers ?

Be honest bro ... how happy are you at that I.T. job? I ask because my former job was a rockstar. Every job since that one has sucked ass. At least with Lyft there’s some danger involved. It makes it amusing and exciting at times. Thanks for coming back to visit and condescend us though!!!!


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Too many to name. However, I often think of the elderly Hispanic lady that I picked up. She had obviously just spent a very hot day at someones home cleaning up their mess. She looked exhausted and was very quiet and looked out the window as we drove.
As she was getting out of the car, she smiled and handed me $3.00. What a simple gesture but it meant so much to me just coming from her.
Note- I gave the $3 back to her and told her to buy something for herself.
The lady in Santa Monica whose dog was attacked by another dog. Trying to protect her dog, she was bitten very badly on her hand. She had to go to the hospital and when she got home her dog was in distress. She called a Lyft (me) to take her and the dog to an emergency vet. When she got in the car, she was VERY upset and pre-crying. She did not know a close doctors office and was making little sense, PLUS, she was 8 months pregnant. Yikes !!!! I have a background in animal medicine and triaged the dog to determine what level of emergency care we were at. The dog showed signs of deep tissue bruising , meaning that she would scream in pain when touched. Since the owner wanted to hold and comfort the dog, the screams of pain were very upsetting. I was more worried about the owner going into labor. I knew a well known hospital and that is where I took her. I stayed with her until her husband got there not only to comfort but to explain what was going on. Emergency medicine, whether animal or human, is often frightening only because assessment and treatment has to be done quickly and explanation follow afterwards. Everyone survived and owner delivers a healthy baby girl 4 weeks later. She sent me photos of dog and baby. ?
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Mine was a guy in his 30s in February, about 25 degrees,he has on tee shirt flip flops and shorts. I asked him where are we headed,without a blink he said probation. Ok thats fine in my head, now curious I asked him why he was on probation, I thought maybe drugs or robbery. Again without a blink he said he just got out of jail after 10 years for manslaughter and was on probation for the next 5 years. I kept my mouth shut the rest of the trip...


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Mine was when I first started three years ago (and after a month of driving, took three years off lol). It was a rainy day, and a girl; maybe 19-21 yrs old request a pick up from a wealthy area. Her ride is set to Walmart. The Walmart she chose was closed, so I took her to one down the street. She gets out, gets what she was after, and asks for a ride back. No problem...just kept the ride going.

She then proceeds to ask me if it’s ok if she “dust.” Me, not knowing, was thinking to myself, this is a brand new car, but yeah, go ahead. I then hear a damn can going off. She’s huffing from a can of compressed air. At this point, I want her out of my car. I get back to her house, and she won’t get out. Next thing I know, she breaks down and starts crying. She’s saying her grandparents are ashamed of her, and her friends abandoned her. While telling me this, her teeth fell out (a metal bar with her four front teeth attached). Now I’m feeling bad for her, but told her my tire was low and I needed to go! So she gets out. This was probably my second or third trip when I began.


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Whatever was the memory of my most memorable passenger has been replaced by the memory of your most memorable passengers as noted in this thread. Can't top some of these stories. I think Al Bundy wins. Y'all are forcing me to lie about my most memorable passenger just to keep up.

I had three young women ping for a ride one time. They had just robbed a bank and their getaway car wouldn't start (I saw the car. It had an Uber sticker on the windshield). As the robbers entered the car the security guard came out of the building with his gun drawn. As always, I helped the gang load their "luggage" into the trunk then got back in the car and lowered all the windows, just as bullets were heading our way. All but one round passed through the open windows, but Blackie (the youngest and cutest of the trio), took one in the shoulder. I floored it.

One of the female desperado's pulled out a first-aid kit from her bank robber's utility belt and went to work on Blackie. It wasn't a mortal wound but the young outlaw wasn't taking it well. She started to panic, and it was distracting me from my driving. The other bank robber turned out to be a former risk management analyst at Goldman-Sachs. She pulled out an instant-lobotomy kit from her bank robber's utility belt and proceeded to employ the instrument on Blackie's forehead. With the risk now managed she then added a new destination on the rider app which directed me to the nearest hospital. The back door opened and out went Blackie. She rolled up to the emergency room doors, which automatically opened and allowed her safe passage into the hospital. I floored it out the hospital parking lot. Blackie was never seen again.

We now drove toward the final destination, an address I had never heard of, and which google maps was having trouble routing to. I glanced in the rearview mirror. Two pairs of piercing eyes were glancing back. It started to dawn on me that maybe I was in what you might call a precarious situation.

There was only one thing to do. I ended the ride early.

The discombobulated duo in the backseat were dumbfounded and didn't know exactly how to react. After citing "Unruly passenger"on the app and tendering the riders two stars I jumped from the car, opened the passenger doors, and escorted the shocked stealers out of the vehicle before they realized what was happening. I jumped back into the drivers seat and did not bother to even latch my seatbelt. I floored it away from there, leaving the troublesome two gawking at their phone.

That was yesterday. Today, upon picking up an airport bound fare, I discovered the forgotten loot in my trunk. After completing the ride I counted the stolen money and it turned out to be enough for me to start my own ride hailing company. It will be called "The Kinder Gentler For Everyone Ride Hailing Company. Stay tuned for the IPO.
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