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Who Says Uber Does Not Control Drivers Work Hours

Discussion in 'News' started by Rich Brunelle, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Rich Brunelle

    Rich Brunelle

    San Leandro, CA.
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  2. Had a rider thinking about becoming a driver, sighting you / I can work my own hours, I said, sure you can, but the public is on there own schedule and to make anything one needs to follow that cause there are dead times during the day.

    Car payments, Um yeah, however I am not driving a car that I otherwise would have bought.

    They should name the new legislation the “Kalanick Labor Law”. I am sure Kalanick will make lots of friends with the rest of Corporate America for this.

    Ten years from now I wonder what it will be like.
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  3. uberparadise


    You get to work your own hours. ha ha lol means you work every hour in the day except the rare times you sleep! 20 hour days more fares more trips.
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