Who is excited about the upcoming USA TODAY article ?


Exactly two weeks from today, UBER will be featured in an extremely disruptive article that will be published in the USA Today. This article will discuss the rapidly changing economy, the way business is now conducted and how money is now being earned. The status-quo 9-5 job is no longer the norm. These tech-forward "cloud based" companies featured in this article, are reshaping the way you participate in today's economy. There's never been a better time to leverage this movement, taking the power away from corporate giants and putting the power in your hands. In this article UBER, Le-Vel and 3 other companies was choosen as the most destruruprive companies to the status quo.
I'm extremely pleased to say I'm personally involved with UBER & LeVel.
it begins July, 23rd.
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That's a cute cat.
Thank You
This picture gets me compliments and builds trust with pax all the time. (Yes I use the same picture on the UBER app)

It's a good thing if you can make your pax smile even before you meet them face to face.
It's the only reason why I haven't changed my profile picture.