Who in nj sleep in their cars.


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ive done it at jfk and lga when I first started, not gonna lie. it was greed and wanting to make as much as I possibly could


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Used to be easy when I drove a stretch in the 90's. TV, refreshments, room, etc.
Now, no way unless I'm back to back to back to backing until I end up way out from home. Then I would consider taking Tom Bodette up on his offer because he always leaves the light on for me.

Slim Pete

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Look how fat she is, she needs to park her Prius and run up and down those steep hills they have in SF just to get fit again.


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NY TLC's DTS sleep in their cars. Seen it many times
Well, as normal human beings we never get to see this side of life. These clowns think of their cars as a rolling palace. These are the same people who lay down with their animals and sleep on the ground back in the home land. They use the "backdoor latrine" and nap in luxury on the very same seats they are transporting pox on. A special kind of smell, a mixture of Axxe body spray and body stench makes a car smell extra special.